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Format: SimileXMLv3

Contact/Model Admin: robertm

Submission Date: 2010-01-27 14:00:25.0

"TRIFFID (Top-down Representation of Interactive Foliage and Flora Including Dynamics)" is a dynamic global vegetation model, which updates the plant distribution and soil carbon based on climate-sensitive CO2 fluxes at the land-atmosphere interface. The surface CO2 fluxes associated with photosynthesis and plant respiration are calculated in the MOSES 2 tiled land-surface scheme (Essery et al (In preparation)), on each atmospheric model timestep (normally 30 minutes), for each of 5 plant functional types. The area covered by a plant type is updated (normally every 10 days) based on the net carbon available to it and on the competition with other plant types, which is modelled using a Lotka-Volterra approach. Soil carbon is increased by litterfall, which can arise from local processes such as leaf-drop as well as large-scale disturbances which reduce the vegetated area. Soil carbon is returned to the atmosphere by microbial respiration which occurs at a rate dependent on soil moisture and temperature." Source: TRIFFID documentation

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Troein Ostreococcus clock 1-loop

Format: SBML L2 V4

Contact/Model Admin: amillar2

Submission Date: 2010-05-04 11:27:33.0

This is a model of the circadian clock of Ostreococcus tauri, with a single negative feedback loop between TOC1 and CCA1 (a.k.a. LHY), and multiple light inputs. It was used and described in Troein et al., Plant Journal (2011).

The model has been tested in Copasi, where it reproduces the behaviour of the original (which consisted of equations loaded from a text file by a more or less custom C++ program).

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