Model Name: Arabidopsis clock model P2011.5.1

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This model is one of five new parameter sets for P2011, published in Flis et al. Royal Society Open Biology 2015. They will be submitted to Biomodels when we have a PubMed ID for the paper.

Derived from Original model: P2011.1.2 is public model ID PLM_71 version 1,

This model P2011.5.1 is public model ID PLM_1043, with parameters optimised by Kevin Stratford using SBSInumerics software on the UK national supercomputer HECTOR, as described in Flis et al. RSOB 2015.

In the model name, Plasmo ID PLM_67 was a private, working version. t37 is the private optimisation run number.

Contact/Model Admin Andrew Millar, University of Edinburgh,
Submitted By Andrew Millar, University of Edinburgh,
Submission Date 2015-09-02 19:17:19.0
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Journal RSOB 
Title Open Infrastructure 
Year 2015 
Authors Flis et al