Model Name: Arabidopsis clock model P2011, graphical diagram

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Model Format SBGN-ML PD

Creator - Dr. Daniel D. Seaton.

Graphical overview of Arabidopsis clock model P2011 in SBGN, from SBGN-ED in VANTED v2.

N.B. to pass PlaSMo validation before update, the <sbgn> tag was back-edited from the correct string <sbgn xmlns=""> to <sbgn xmlns=""> in this file. The file is still correctly opened in VANTED after this modification. The unmodified version is also attached.

Contact/Model Admin Andrew Millar, University of Edinburgh,
Submitted By Andrew Millar, University of Edinburgh,
Submission Date 2015-09-07 21:12:19.0
thumbnail PNG image of P2011 SBGN_PD
Supplementary Data Files
P2011 in .GML format from VANTED v2
unmodified SBGN file from Vanted v2.5.1 with SGBN-ED
Model Files original file, simplified file (use simplified if your software cannot read the file, e.g. Sloppy Cell)
Journal RS Open Biology 
Title Open Infrastructure 
Year 2015 
Authors Flis et al.