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To calculate the phenological stage of the crop. Note the following definition: phase = the period between two phenological stages, ie. the phase sowing to emergence.

This is a submodel of AFRC Wheat 2 model in Simile notation (the XML version will follow shortly). All variables and parameters that are inputs to the submodel are in the "inputs " submodel box, all variables changed by the submodel are outputted via the "outputs" submodel box. Euler integration with 1 day time steps.  
Contact/Model Admin Chris Davey, Aberystwyth University,
Submitted By Chris Davey, Aberystwyth University,
Submission Date 2011-02-04 15:06:59.0
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Journal Eur. J. Agron. 2(2): 69-82 
Title AFRCWHEAT2: A Model of the Growth and Development of Wheat Incorporating Responses to Water and Nitrogen 
Year 1993 
Authors Porter J